Market Access

Medical information

& publicity


Helena Van Overloop, Pharmacist, Doctor in Medical Sciences

Pharmaceutical consultant




phone: 0032 485 325812


address: Hooiendonkstraat 37, B-2801 Mechelen, Belgium





Medical information

  • Responsible Person Medical information and Promotion (or back-up)
  • Check of advertising and information provided by the company
  • Training medical information

  • Procedures
  • Verification of the compliance of the SmPC, the leaflets and their translations
  • Training planning of medical representatives and training records
  • Check compliance of regulations on free samples
  • Check compliance of regulations on premiums and advantages



Market access Belgium & Luxembourg

  • Price and reimbursement dossier compilation
  • Market access support & training
  • Price strategy
  • Art 81(bis) agreements and reports
  • Change of reimbursement modalities
  • Revisions
  • Original medicines, Biosimilars and generics



Medical writing

  • Summaries and overviews of Clinical and Preclinical data